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Trevor James Alto Saxophone

By March 22, 2014 November 15th, 2014 saxophone articles

… the songs mentioned in the video, I’ll try and have them available for download later this week.

My Trevor James Alto Saxophone Try-Out

The Claude Lakey mouthpiece I tried in the video is not the hard rubber model but is actually a metal mouthpiece. It’s their “aluminum” model. I was checking them out on Amazon.com at this here: Claude Lakey mouthpieces.

Although they make good hard rubber ones too, I’m recommending the “aluminum” model like the one I’m using in the video… that is if you’re going for that bigger and brighter rock sound.

The other one I was playing is the Meyer, check them out here: Meyer alto mouthpieces

trevor-james-altoThe Trevor James saxophones are from the UK and are just now available in the US and Canada. If you live in North America and are interested in these horns let me know and I’ll put you on to the one and only distributor who is here in Vancouver where I live.

You’ll be hearing more and more about these saxophones, actually one of our members Michael (from the US) has recently ordered one and I hope he at least will post a nice picture of it for us!

These are of the highest quality saxophones and are being compared to some of the older established top manufacturers such as Selmer and Yamaha. The sound speaks for itself as you can hear in the above video or in the song video I will put on the “saxophone music” page soon.

As with the other top makes, the Trevor James feels perfect as soon as you hold it and put your hands on the keys. Everything just feels right… no palm keys too high, no cluster keys too far apart etc.

Hopefully I can try out a few more of these in the near future and post the results for you.



  • Hello, the Trevor James are great horns, I started out some years ago with a “horn classic” alt, their student model. Later on got myself a “custom” top model. A tenor sax with a huge bell in the most beautiful red brass finish. Great profesional horn, big sound easy to play and looks good. All that said, i sold the horn and bought an SML gold medal from ’59 in silver finish. For me a better horn than the Trevor. I think the Trevor James are great begyners profecional horns, affordable and great sound, but it lacks the soul that a Semler or SML has.

  • sxpoe says:

    Over here in the UK, Trevor James are very popular with Sax Instructors and they do sound very good.

    From a parents point of view buying a Sax for your offspring – Saxophones are expensive instruments no matter which one you choose, and parents have the added worry that 6 months down the line the kids may decide its not for them!

    My two daughters started playing recorders when they were around 7 years old so they were affordable, then at ages 9 one switched to flute and the other to clarinet not cheap instruments.

    In the Uk we have grades 1 – 8, which you can take an exam & get a certificate to get you into orchestras etc..
    roughly a grade a year.

    Buying the flute was ok for all the grades, but the Clarinet we made a mistake, the beginner’s ones only take you up to grade 5, so we had to buy an intermediate model for our daughter – same price as an intermediate Sax.

    If you are a learner, it doesn’t matter which Sax you buy (assuming its in working condition), once you get into it, find you like it, i reckon 5 or 6 years down the line you will want to buy another sax regardeless of the brand or make. In the meantime a Trevor James will take you as far as you want to go.

  • Hey guys, Johnny made mention of me here LOL Yep, will be looking to get it sent to me here soon,–the folks at Massullo Music where Johnny has access to these Trevor James are great folks to work with. If you’re in the market to get a new Sax, I would encourage you to give these guys a call. The suspense of watching this video of my soon-to-be Alto Saxophone is killing me LOL.

  • sxpoe says:

    i went along to a Jazz Cafe at the weekend to hear my two daughters play their instruments along with a bunch of other kids playing theirs. There was selmars, yamahas, trevor james, when the lights went down and they played their instruments, i honestly couldnt tell the Saxophones apart!! the standard of play was that good. One lad played hey jude exactly like i’ve heard on you tube well into the altissimo register!

  • Vincent Gaglio says:

    The Claude Lakey Sounds nice. As a new beginner I should be looking at a 5 or 6 tops. I will have to see if the shop near me has them . Vinny

  • Vincent Gaglio says:

    excellent sorry for a long delay. Free blowing is what I need. How do I read the information about the opening. Because the are as an example 4,3 or 4,4? I will try to find out as well

    • Johnny Johnny says:

      Different companies use different numbers or letters but generally the bigger the number the bigger the opening etc. The bigger the opening the bigger tone potential you have but remember that it will be harder to blow because it will require more air!

  • Vincent Gaglio says:

    Awesome. Thank you

  • Bob Inglis says:

    I can recommend the Trevor James I have a S1 Tenor which
    is an older model but I love it, I use a Claude Lakey mpc with a legere Signature 2.5, the sound is great.
    I can also recommend another English sax I own a Hanson Alto sax I use a Meyer 6 hard rubber or an Otto Link Tone edge also with Legere signature reeds.
    I am more of a Jazz man than rock and blues but I’ll play anything to be in a band, no fun playing to the wall.

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