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      Jake the best thing to do is get out all your setups, one setup per day only, and record the same song everyday with a different setup (if you do more than one set up in a day you mind will be biased – pro’s who use several setups, normally only practice with one setup in a day)

      Then when you have finished them all, listen to all of them and pick the one that recorded the best.

      Mark Kiziuk

        Very,very NICE! I really like the look of that sax Jake!

        Jazz Cat

          those old silver 1920s/1930s horns are wonderful; I’ve bought 3 on ebay myself (2 altos & one c-melody, which i like best). They’re usually inexpensive, may need to use liquid tarnish remover to brighten them up.

          The vintage silver horns have a nice soft dark warmth unmatched by modern horns. And they look great, like yours does.

          jak Swift

            Nice horn Jake. True tones have a certain simplicity in looks and a fabulous tone. I used to have a TT Bari. I’ll post up a picture of my 32 Martin Supertone, maybe later. Its not staying sadly. Its always been tenor \ bari for me. After almost thirty years, I’m pretty much set in my ways. Perhaps if I could find some heavy grooves on backing track, I’d be in a better place, but I’m calling in favours from dealers I’ve used over the years. Gotta get another tenor….SOON !!

          Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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