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    Carl Robinson

    Very hacked off with myself today. I broke a cardinal rule, “never practise when your hearts not in it”. My performance was well below par even though I’m a beginner. I would have been better off brushing up on theory, or even keying the notes without sounding them. I’ve had a serious talk with myself and decided a cup of Tea and a break will put me back on track.

    jak Swift

    Hi Carl. Not to worry man, we all get these days.
    May I suggest the most important discipline.
    Long tones, pushing from the diaphragm and blowing through the horn.
    I’ve made the switch to alto, and am having to contend with a longterm muscle pull in the chest.
    Right now, the daily disciplines are exactly that.
    I really can’t stress enough, just how important this is. Chin up mate, tomorrow will be a better day.
    Take it easy….


    we all have those type of days Carl….have another go at it tomorrow.

    Carl Robinson

    JAAAAAAAK how ya doing mate? I’m still using that MP ya sent me for my Trevor James, much better than that bag of crap it came with lol. Love those long notes, especially the low ones. I try altering the velocity of breath etc. I like it when you are barely putting enough breath to sound the note and you get those wonderful “undertones-overtones”? FUNKY lol.

    Carl Robinson

    I’m back in the ring Boss and working through your Blues download.

    jak Swift

    Hi Carl, I’m doing fine mate. Getting my head around this alto is a longterm thing. As I said , I’ve got a pulled chest muscle, so its all about those long tones from the diaphragm. Glad your back into it mate. Have a funky day !!

    jak Swift

    Carl, sorry mate. I seemed a little short there.
    Firstly, I’m glad you are getting into the mpc; its my pleasure. I’ve been putting in a real long day.
    March 1st……
    I’ve been waiting for my alto chops to click into place; it had to be today !! ( start of a new month ). Well; it looks like I’m 90% there, and man is that a relief !!!
    This chest pull, has been a real problem. Any hesitation, bulging lip, it really plays up. Today has been great, I’m really stoked !!!
    I notice you mentioned cleaning your horn. I’ve got the old favourite…. the sticking G# key. Grrrr !!
    If you ever get this, I’m sure you probably know; stick together a couple of Rizzla, and pull them between the pad and the tonehole. I’m getting the same problem with low C#.
    I’m not totally into this Lupifaro. As I said it was a good deal and will see me through until I’ve nailed this chops business.
    As for cleaning….?? I’m not an expert, and don’t clean my horn as much as I should. I reckon its pretty much common sense mate. Soft cloths, nothing abrasive….. and mind your fingers on the springs. How many times have I spiked myself ….lol !!!
    Anyhow, its minus four degrees here in Liverpool….. WAY TOO COLD !!
    I’m staying in the warm and doing a last coupla hours….
    Take it easy mate….

    jak Swift

    Nope, I’m done for the day !!
    Chicken soup, lasagne, and a good movie. I bought myself a resonator guitar. When you can’t do any more, or as you said mate, things are not going well, its a nice distraction. Always been a sucker for slide guitar. Open tunings…..good fun.
    I don’t know if Johnny does an embouchure ” lesson “. I steer clear of offering any playing advice.
    I hope its OK to mention, just where I get my own embouchure vibe from.
    ” The Master Speaks ” is a half hour you tube clip, featuring Joe Allard. There are longer interviews and such. This guy has been my ” chops guru ” for the last ten years. I dipped into it prior, but now follow it with total dedication. I’m going to need some reeds tomorrow. I’m using Rico Royal #3 right now. My old favourite ” bari ” ( fibreglass ) reeds, just don’t work for me on alto. Jackie McLean used them, but for now I’m good.
    Enough…..lol !!!
    ” Rizzla ” these pads, and relax.
    Thankyou all for your best wishes to my Mother. She’s doing great and should be out of hospital next week. I miss her xx
    If I don’t come on before, again , thanks Johnny for the only site worth bothering with, and I hope you all have a safe & happy weekend….


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