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    Craig Duckering

    Thanks Johnny, I didn’t know that. Yes, on the palm keys, I can hit the D consistently, and E sometimes ;), but the high F is very hard to hit, seems even harder with the synthetic reed versus cane. May be my imagination, but curious, it is easier to hit the very high notes with a stiffer reed? Right now I am mainly practicing with the Black Onyx Soft. Thanks!


    it might be easier and doesn’t hurt to try and see, but we eventually must hit the entire range with one reed!
    my theory is if one can hit the high D, then you can hit the D#, and if you can hit the D# then you can hit the E etc.
    if niot, then work on sustaining the highest note you can hit (in your case sounds like the E) while playing it play the F…without ending your breath. in other words, without a gap between the E and the F…go right into it. blow loud and hard!
    you’re just changing your finger position so you should be able to get the F if your air support is strong.

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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