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    I currently use a Rovner VERSA ligature
    like the one shown on this website


    if you look at the photograph, you will see that it has
    a metal clasp where you can insert different thicknesses of
    metal plates in the clasp to vary the tone.

    Inspired by the Marc Jean ligature on this website


    rather than buying the Marc Jean, i decided to replace the metal plate
    on my Rovner VERSA ligature with a piece of cane, so i took one of my
    LA Voz Reeds, cut off the long sloping tip (threw that away), kept the rest of the
    rectangular piece of La Voz Reed, and inserted that in my
    Rovner VERSA reed.

    To my ears it does sound different using a cane plate instead of the metal
    plate in my Rovner Versa Ligature..


    was played using a Alto Guarda King, with a Filed Rico select Jazz reed


    i’m amazed at how much softly you can make a guardala sound using a plate made out of a reed instead of using a plate made out of metal in the ligature that holds down the reed.

    you can hear how soft the sax is from 0:27 at the end of softly section, it gradually gets louder in the music sheet. I couldn’t get that soft gentle sound with a metal plate, the overall pitch sounds more wooden even in the loud sections of the sheet


    sxpoet – I used the versa lig for tenor for some time. It was a good ligature. Was amazed at the sound you got by putting a piece of reed in yours. I now have been playing the Vandoren Optimum Ligature for sometime. Now with Pete’s review on the Marc Jean 2 – I might have to try one in the future.

    brother cavefishbrother cavefish

    soft wood absorbs sound, a harder wood would brighten it up a bit, wood flutes are highly respected. a soft relaxing sound emanates


    Mel- You wont be sorry if you do, I am well satisfied cant believe the
    difference in my sound, just want I wanted.


    I bought mine from a guy here in UK this is the website for Mark Jean==www.musiquedemarc.com
    you can email him from the site. What a great person to deal with, I had problem
    with the older MK1 ligature and he emailed me and arranged for the new MK2 one
    to be sent to me from this guy in Wales who I buy sax stuff from now and again.
    Ask him in your email the nearest agent for these Ligatures, mine is the Artistry
    brass “U” model, obviously tell him what mouthpiece it is for, he is only a small
    company and he very conscientious guy, by the way Wiliam he is based in Canada.


    Pete, I located a music store in Windsor Colorado, USA. He doesn’t have any MK2’s in stock but he expects to get some soon. He has my telephone number and email address. His email is http://www.saxalley.com/about-us


    Please go on Marc Jean web site and have a read, you will get an idea which ligature will
    suit the sound you want.


    my new lig and m/P

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