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    No worries, only to pleased to help @pete

    i love listening to Bryan Addams. You too?
    Saw him here one balmy night Summer last year at Kings Park nearby the Swan River, “An Evening On The Green”.

    Checkin’ out JK Sax channel on You Tube you can hear he does a version of, Summer of 69.

    In comments, says –

    Aidan Allen
    1 year ago
    Were do find all of your sheet music

    Leonie Weiss
    1 year ago (edited)
    Woow, you are really good!! Where did you find the saxophone notes ? I wanna try to play this song too😍

    Christoph Ertl
    1 year ago
    Do you play all your songs without notes? Or do you play it first with notes and learn it by heard?

    (FYI all with replies by
    JK Sax – Juozas Kuraitis Saxophonist)

Viewing 31 post (of 37 total)

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